Actos Leads

-Millions of Type 2 diabetics took the drug Actos before learning it put them at risk of bladder cancer.

-Email Agency has been actively reaching out to this large group of patients and offering to help them get compensation for their injuries.

-If you're an attorney or represent a law firm, you know the importance of identifying qualified prospects in particular niche groups for mass tort lawsuits... and the importance of reaching them fast. A stream of real-time Actos class action leads is available now from Email Agency.

-Our specialty is extreme niche marketing. We deliver high-value Actos legal leads that are pre-qualified, screened, and ready to sign.

How We Screen Actos Legal Leads

  • All Actos leads took the drug as prescribed.
  • All were diagnosed with bladder cancer or heart conditions such as heart attack and congestive heart failure.
  • Prospects have not retained a lawyer yet.
  • All Actos leads have been contacted and verified by one of our US based call center reps.

-Our Actos legal leads are people who actively want to speak to an attorney and seek justice from the drug manufacturer. They are highly motivated to move forward. They are ready to talk to your firm.

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