Bankruptcy Leads

Personal bankruptcy. Business and corporate bankruptcy. It happens. And when it does, individuals and companies need attorneys to help them navigate the serious legal implications of declaring bankruptcy.

But don’t wait for them to find you. Our bankruptcy mailing list helps attorneys actively find new clients. Email Agency’s lead generation division is constantly expanding its bankruptcy mailing list so your firm can more easily reach its target market and expand its client base.

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The Bankruptcy Mailing List
-  Bankruptcy records go back decades and contain millions of files. As new cases enter the US courts, they are added to our database. That gives you access to the people most likely to respond to your offer of legal assistance.

-  Add to that our aggressive and ongoing lead generation campaigns, and you have a very responsive bankruptcy mailing list full of current, high quality leads.

How We Work
-  All of our leads comply with regulations of the FCC, American Bar Association, and TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies). And our email lists are strictly opt-in. 

-  By maintaining these high standards, we can help you target the prospects you want to reach... and the prospects who want to be reached.

-  Talk to Email Agency about our bankruptcy mailing list and other legal leads.

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