Case Study – How We Tripled Sales for Client

The Client

-  A large online retailer of pre-paid phone cards came to us looking for a new, affordable way to market their products. The company had a tightly focused target market of Asian Indians living in the US.

-  Their goal was to generate more awareness of their website and more sales of their calling cards while building up their internal mailing list.

-  With our help and our email list rental service, the client tripled the size of their internal database, experienced 27% email open rates, and increased their sales 330%. Here’s how we did it.

The Challenges

  • To build client’s internal database.
  • To sell more product.
  • To lower their marketing costs.
  • To avoid getting blacklisted by ISPs.

The Strategic Plan 

  • Design and create email-friendly creatives.
  • Target the client’s desired demographic.
  • Merge our list with theirs and scrub database to prevent duplication.
  • Send email blasts each month for 12 months to US-based Asian Indians.

The Results 

  • Email Agency was able to target over 900,000 Asian Indians within our database.
  • The client’s internal database increased from 23,000 consumers to over 68,000 consumers in just one year.
  • Calls to client’s phone center increased 400% after email deployment and lasted about 7 days.
  • Average open rate for the year was 26.8%.
  • Average click through rate for the year was 10.2%.
  • Sales increased over 330% for the year.

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