Transvaginal Mesh Leads

 -Thousands of women have been harmed by a surgical product called transvaginal mesh. A class action lawsuit against the manufacturers will unfold over the next few years.  

-Your law firm can reach out to the injured parties through Email Agency. New transvaginal mesh leads are coming in daily and those injured patients can quickly become your clients.  

-All our leads are pre-screened, highly qualified and therefore most likely to convert into profitable cases for your firm.   

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How Transvaginal Mesh Injury Leads Are Screened


-Email Agency launched an aggressive lead harvesting effort when US health authorities began issuing warnings about the dangers of the mesh several years ago.  

-Today, injuries that resulted from the product continue to be diagnosed.  Our widespread campaigns reach out to those patients and offer them legal help.  Then we carefully screen each individual to ensure they are eligible and ready to consult with an attorney.  

-All transvaginal mesh leads must meet our strict criteria:
  • Patients must have received a mesh implant,
  • Suffered severe side effects that were medically diagnosed,
  • May have already had revision surgeries,
  • Do not yet have an attorney but would like one,
  • Have been pre-qualified and verified by our staff.

-In other words, these patients are motivated to pursue justice through the courts. And they want to retain a law firm. 

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