Data Appending


Email, Direct Mail, Mobile or Phone Append
It is important to drive customer communication through the appropriate channel to achieve marketing objectives and maximize return on marketing investment. Achieving this in today's economy requires having the ability to communicate through email, mobile, direct mail and telephone.

• Multi-channel marketing is proven to drive a higher return on your marketing investment than single channel communications
• Many customers have a preferred channel of communication resulting in a higher propensity to respond and take action
• You can see the results from online communications almost immediately

Customer Profile Appending
Email Agency can add valuable information to your existing customer file using any combination of our 260+ data fields including geographic, demographic, lifestyle, interest and behavioral information. This will allow you to better define your audience and provide you with a targeted approach to increase cross-selling/up-selling opportunities and drive customer retention.

How It Works
The client's file is matched at desired individual and/or household level. If a multi-pass program is approved by client, unmatched records are sent out for additional processing. All matched records are appended with desired information and returned to the client quickly and in the original format. When appending email, all contacts are sent a permission pass message and those that do not opt-out are output to the client for immediate use.

Program Turnaround Time
• Postal or Phone Append: 2-3 business days
• Email Append: 7-10 business days
• Data Appending: 2-3 business days


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