Email Database


• ePostal: 75,788,184
• eZip: 106,030,714
• eMail with IP: 132,088,879

• 135 million records with email address and matching zip code
• 95 million records with email address and matching postal address
• 106 million records with residential phone numbers (pre- Do Not Call Scrubbing)
• Over 260+ selects (specific data fields) that can be used for targeting
• 1,000 census variables (ZIP & CRRT level)
• Selectors include geographic, demographic, lifestyle, interests and behavioral

• Licensed multiple national compiled databases
• Augmented database with secondary sources for unique data elements
• Acquired significant amounts of proprietary response data
• Established relationships with numerous sources to compile response data including publishers, online and offline retailers, catalogs, destination sites, consumer survey data companies, online communities and trade publications

Data Verification Process
• Look for two source inputs that match for record to be considered
• Then triangulate against another major national file ensure deliverability and to create the Triple Verified record (name and address match)
• Monthly hotline updates of 10mm+ records

Quality Assurance
• The file meets all DMA privacy, security compliances and is fully CAN-SPAM compliant
• Only carry data on those 18 years old (some 17 year olds who turn 18 in current year)
• We do not maintain Social Security numbers, Drivers License numbers, Credit Card data or FICO scores on the file to avoid
identification theft related issues
• Currently, we update the email file monthly with new records and selects
• Other than email sources, all secondary suppliers update quarterly
• Entire file goes through NCOA, Deceased Scrub, Address Standardization and CASS
• Technology used to maintain the file is main frames and PCs with Enterprise Server, Microsoft SQL Server and open source MySQL
• SAS-70 security certified


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