Email List Rental:
What Makes Our Direct Email Marketing List So Effective

Database Review
- Email Agency houses a secure database of 100% OPT-IN records that are sourced through online surveys, e-registrations, and e-subscriptions along with our extensive network of permission-based data aggregation websites.

Database Quality
- We leverage our relationships with major ISPs like AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo to whitelist our names and lists to ensure emails are delivered to inboxes. Whitelisting keeps emails compliant and provides a “pre-approval” from certain networks to ensure safe delivery.  

- We are also able to send more emails by being part of national associations.  Your email campaigns will reach consumers' inboxes and become potential leads rather than landing in a junk mail folder wasting resources, time and money.

- All our email list rental data is updated monthly and lists are rebuilt quarterly. They meet all DMA privacy and security regulations and are fully CAN-SPAM compliant.

Precision Targeting
- Our direct email marketing campaigns can be customized with filtered demographics, lifestyle lists and personalized messages to target your prospects most effectively. More than 20 selects can be used for precision targeting. Subscriber attributes include geography, income, housing status, education, age, gender, behavioral trends, and previous online activity. With detailed demographics and individualized messages, campaign effectiveness is assured.

Campaign Monitoring
- Testing: Our emails are tested using A/B comparison tests so you know you are investing your resources wisely. Optimal performance for each list and demographic is achieved through an extensive testing protocol that includes examinations of HTML emails, subject lines, calls-to-action and publisher domains for each offer.
- Content scoring: Email campaigns are ranked against content scores on popular spam filters to make sure messages aren’t blocked. If your campaign score is too low, the campaign is adjusted until a better score is achieved and we know your email will get through.
- Reporting: Our proprietary tracking software reports on campaign conversions allowing us to monitor performance metrics in real time. Our internal reporting is intuitive, fast, and accurate. Up-to-the-minute reports mean we can make adjustments that maximize conversions and increase revenue for the remainder of your direct email marketing campaign.

Real Life Effectiveness
- This case study illustrates the dramatic results when one client used our email list rental services to triple their annual sales.  

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