Health Insurance Leads

For Insurable and Uninsurable Consumers

health leads image-  Email Agency’s lead generation division specializes in health leads... both insurable and uninsurable health leads.

-  As you know, the shifting medical insurance landscape is driving US consumers to seek better, more affordable coverage.  And higher numbers than ever are turning to the web to do their research and purchasing.

-  If health insurance consumers are in your sights, we can help you reach them.

2,500 Health Insurance Leads Daily!

-  Our health insurance leads are generated both internally and from a large network of reputable affiliates who provide us with compliant, high quality leads.  We work with call centers across the US that collect both real time and aged health leads for us.

-  Aggregators compile and merge all that data.  The result: over 2,500 health insurance leads roll in every day!

-  And we can further mine that data to refine the list to your specific demographic and geographic needs.  Voila!  Extreme niche marketing – our specialty.

Uninsurable Health Leads

-  People with pre-existing conditions need coverage, too, and they’re aggressively seeking it out online.  We can get you in front of those eyeballs with our sizable database of uninsurable health leads. 

- Email Agency delivers eager prospects who are wide open to your offer... and isn’t that what every marketer wants? 

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